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friday night evenings

My haunted hotel has given exclusivity to Afterlife and Spooky Events. We will be holding public investigations every other Friday night at one of the most insane locations!!





IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not with the My Haunted Hotel team and will not be filmed as part of the show it is run by another company who do great investigations on friday evenings for those unable to stay or want an evet closer to the weekend.

Afterlife and Spooky Events will take you on a professional ghost hunting experience of this fascinating yet frightening hotel. Your night will begin at 9.00pm, where the team will greet you and take you to a comfortable base room. After a short introduction and safety briefing the investigation will begin. You will get to take part in many different vigils throughout the night and use some of the latest gadgets and tech to try and capture hard evidence. You will be given the opportunity to investigate the whole of the hotel and conduct; Ouija board sessions, table tipping, glass divination and Victorian seance. The team have lots of techniques and experiments to try to conjure as much activity as possible. Your night will finish at 2.00am. We will not be able to provide accommodation. This is purely a solid 5-hour investigation. Light refreshments will be provided throughout the evening free of charge.

Aswell as all that, the cameras will be rolling, The whole night will be recorded, this is an unbelievable opportunity to get involved in

Over 18s only and Ts&Cs applly

Room 2.jpg


The hire price covers for your own commercial paranormal investigations where you can sell tickets for your own paranormal teams. 


Friday/Saturday: £750

Sunday: £450

Please contact the team via email to book: 

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