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Roxi DuRose

“If anyone wants to try something new you really need to book a stay at ye old Kings head in Chester aka My Haunted Hotel I love paranormal things anyway and spent Thursday night there. It's not a normal ghost hunt. Where you get some over dramatic crow screaming at dust saying it's orbs. You get given the tools (or take your own) and investigate the rooms. We had a woman speaking to us. Furniture moving we checked everywhere it couldn't have been moved and faked. We had so much happen. It was amazing!!"


Amy mcnally

Would highly recommend it's a fantastic location. If you want a truely genuine paranormal experience then this is the place! Can't wait to visit again.


Kirsty Lowe

“I have honestly never been so scared in my life the things I experienced last night were by far the scariest I've ever experienced, nearly left 3 times but we stuck it out and went the whole hog. You definitely need to do this to really experience the paranormal"


Phoebe Lomax

“Honestly one of the best experiences I've ever done! Completely unique, fun and I can't wait to get back!"


Nick Anderson

"By far the most haunted place I've ever investigated and had the chance to uncover some hidden secrets. A highly recommended place for anyone. Don't forget to check out the YouTube channel also to see first hand what goes on. Funny and entertaining. Fantastic job guys 5 stars"

Dannii Turner-Hirst.jpg

Dannii Turner-hirst

"An absolutely incredible place with a weird and wonderful atmosphere. Definitely recommend if you're a believer or a sceptic its an experience you wont forget! All the Team and staff are so friendly and welcoming! Would definitely stay again!"


Kate Monroe Groves

“I've done a few ghostly things in my time and never experienced anything... but last night I experienced a few things. I'm not sure 'thanks' is the right word, but thanks to My Haunted Hotel for a terrifying, yet fun, night and experience!"

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