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The ULTIMATE overnight ghost hunting adventure!

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Welcome to britains most haunted hotel!

Taking the paranormal world by storm, My Haunted Hotel is the ULTIMATE overnight, ghost hunting adventure where YOU become the star of your own online paranormal TV show!


Led by our team of expert paranormal investigators, get hands on with a variety of ghost hunting equipment and experience unique tasks as you search for the paranormal. Can you take on the challenge and spend the night in Britain's most haunted hotel?

The hotel built in 1622 has been covered in over 16 night-vision cameras recording live to ensure that nothing is missed!

(option to have cameras turned OFF after investigation has ended)

You will STAR in your very own paranormal show with My Haunted Hotel releasing episodes of the night and of any activity captured on camera.


Become the star
of your own
paranormal tv show

What People Say


Kate Monroe Groves

“I've done a few ghostly things in my time and never experienced anything... but last night I experienced a few things. I'm not sure 'thanks' is the right word, but thanks to My Haunted Hotel for a terrifying, yet fun, night and experience!"


Kirsty Lowe

“I have honestly never been so scared in my life the things I experienced last night were by far the scariest I've ever experienced, nearly left 3 times but we stuck it out and went the whole hog. You definitely need to do this to really experience the paranormal. Thank you to the investigators for catching all our activities of our evening it's definitely going to be one to watch"


Phoebe Lomax

“Honestly one of the best experiences I've ever done! Completely unique, fun and I can't wait to get back!"


Nick Anderson

"By far the most haunted place I've ever investigated and had the chance to uncover some hidden secrets. A highly recommended place for anyone. Don't forget to check out the YouTube channel also to see first hand what goes on. Funny and entertaining. Fantastic job guys 5 stars"

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  and terrifying
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